Microwave Repair

The microwave, or microwave oven, is one of the most used appliances in any home. Being able to quickly heat up water or food is a tremendous time saver and when the microwave is not working, it can be detrimental if you have no other means of heating food or liquids. Our team can diagnose and repair problems with any microwaves.

ABA Appliance Repair, Inc.’s professionals can repair the following brands of microwaves in the Austin, TX area.

Common Issues and Solutions

  • Microwave is Not Heating – There are many parts that could become defective in the unit. Professional repair is recommended.
  • Turntable Does Not Rotate – The motor could be defective, bushings could be worn out, or it could just be misaligned. Whatever it is, we can repair it.
  • Sparks Inside Unit – Sometimes caused by foil or forks in the microwave, there may a short in a component or defective parts that need to be replaced.

Schedule Microwave Repairs

If you want to set up your appointment for microwave repair, fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you to get your microwave back in working order. 

microwave oven repair

Microwave Repair FAQ

Are microwaves worth repairing?

If you have a built-in microwave, it is likely worth repairing. Typically counter top microwaves and over the range microwaves are not worth the cost of repair unless the size of that machine is no longer available.

How many years does a microwave last?

Microwaves if maintained properly can last up to 20 years.

Can a microwave be repaired?

Yes, most brands of microwaves can certainly be repaired. We repair them ever day here at ABA Appliance, Inc.

How much does it cost to replace the magnetron in a microwave?

Magnetron replacement with labor typically cost $300-$400. However, the price may be different depending on the make and the model of the microwave.