GE Trash Compactor Repair

ABA Appliance Repair, Inc. is a GE trash compactor repair company serving customers in the greater Austin, TX area. If your GE trash compactor is making strange noises or is not compressing the trash, our team of repair experts is on hand to provide you with their services. The average trash compactor will last between 12 and 20 years. If your GE trash compactor has some issues and is over 17 years old it may be time to replace it but if it is under 17 years old, it may just need some minor upkeep to keep it working for more years to come.

Common GE Trash Compactor Problems

  • Trash Compactor is Not Compacting – The drive belts or motor being worn out or burnt out are usually the cause of this issue, replacement of either will fix the problem
  • Compactor Does Not Open – The ram may be stuck in the compacting position, we can check the guides, wheels, tracks, or rollers for damage or excess build-up.
  • Compactor Smells After Emptying – Trash may become stuck to or around the ram, cleaning and proper maintenance will prevent this.
  • The Unit is Very Loud – The compactors are generally noisy from smashing garbage but we can make sure everything is in proper working order while performing maintenance.

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Schedule GE Trash Compactor Repair

If you want to schedule an appointment to repair your GE trash compactor, head over to our contact page. We look forward to working with you to get your trash compactor working correctly.

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I highly recommend ABA Appliance Inc. They were professional, prompt and completed the job in a timely fashion. We would absolutely use them

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