Amana Ice Maker Repair

ABA Appliance Repair, Inc. is an authorized Amana ice maker repair company serving customers in the greater Austin, TX area. If your Amana ice maker is not producing ice anymore properly or having any other problems, our team of experts are on hand to provide you with repair services. The average ice maker will last between 10 and 15 years. If your Amana ice maker is over 12 years old it may be time to look into replacing it but if it is under 12 years old, it may just need minor repairs to keep it producing ice for more years to come.

Common Amana Ice Maker Problems and Solutions

  • Ice Maker Does Not Fill - This could be from a clogged line or a bad inlet valve which we would replace.
  • Ice Cubes Are Not Formed Correctly - Low water flow is generally the problem here.
  • Too Much Ice in the Tray - Level control board may be malfunctioning, we can diagnose and replace if needed.

We also provide service for the following Amana appliances.

Schedule Amana Ice Maker Repair

If you want to schedule an appointment to repair your Amana ice maker, head over to our contact page. We look forward to working with you to get your ice maker back to creating ice.

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