By Super User on Friday, 02 September 2016
Category: Appliance Repairs

When You Need Your Trash Compactor Repaired

Trash is part of our daily lives. It's unavoidable and unpleasant. Anyone who deals with a lot of indoor trash can appreciate the advantages of having a working trash compactor in their home. Whether it's a stand-alone or an under-the-counter model, it will quickly become an indispensable unit.

Compactor Advantages

This handy appliance stops you from having to take out loads of trash bags all the time, since you can compact more trash into a smaller space. It also keeps your trash nice, neat, and stuffed out of sight. No more unsightly mess exposed to family and friends or tipped over trash receptacles, sending clutter all over the floor. When your compactor stops working though or even just starts acting strangely, you'll quickly feel the inconvenience.

Compactor Problems

If your trash compactor is one of your most used appliances, like with many families, parts of your compactor will eventually start to wear down. Sometimes the drive belts give out, or the motor will even stop working. If your compactor won't start, and you're sure it's completely closed and plugged into a working outlet, it's also possible that there's an issue with the power system, not related to the engine. If your compactor was working, but now it won't open, the ram is probably stuck. The guides, wheels, tracks, and rollers will need checking to find the problem.

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