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Microwave Repair and Maintenance

There are many appliances that we use on a daily basis, but in this fast paced society, none quite compares to the microwave. We use our microwave from heating water, to cooking dinner. When the microwave needs repair, we take notice right away. However, there are a couple of ways to maintain your appliance so that microwave repair doesn't need to happen so often. For a microwave that is placed on a counter top, or stand, make sure to keep the vented side of the microwave a safe distance from the wall. This will give the microwave space to breath....
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When to Consider Microwave Repair vs. a Replacement

At the first sign of trouble, many people choose to discard their old microwave and purchase a new one. You may be surprised to know that microwave repair is more affordable than you think-here are a few occasions when it would be worthwhile to consider. #1. When the turntable is not rotating This could mean that the carousel needs realigned, or that you have a split or worn out turntable drive bushing. Both of these are easy and inexpensive fixes that will have your turntable up and moving in no time. #2. Your oven is not heating food properly A...
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Microwave Repair: Signs Your Microwave Needs Repairs

Microwaves are a convenient tool in most homes, offering time-saving, safe, and easy options for heating food and some other designated items. However, when a microwave is in need of repair, it may become a danger in your home or a costly burden. Some of the most common signs your microwave is in need of repair are: Sparks inside your microwave. This problem could be caused by defective parts in the unit, a short in one of the components of the microwave, or objects such as foil or metal utensils being placed within the unit. In any of these cases, a professional will likely...
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