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Diagnosing A Worn Or Broken Washing Machine Belt

Perhaps the single most important component in a home washing machine is the drive belt. This belt is responsible for physically moving the tub. But when a belt becomes excessively worn--or even broken--it may no longer be able to play this vital role. Here you will learn more about what causes belts to go bad, and how to correctly identify the problem. Belt Problems Washing machine belts are manufactured to be especially durable and long lasting. Yet problems tend to ensue when the drum is physically unable to turn. This scenario is often caused by a sock or other small...
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Are you in need of Washer / Washing Machine Repair?

You endure a very busy lifestyle. You have kids to get to school, and their sporting events to attend. And there's work, of course. You have dinner to prepare, and a home to keep in tact. You really don't have time to deal with an appliance that's on the fritz. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening in your life now. Of course, this nearly always comes without warning. So, here you are, ready to put in that load of laundry, only to find that your washer is not working. What now? You may ask yourself. You must have the...
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Self-Diagnose that Leaking Washing Machine

Finding standing water on the floor of the laundry room and is certainly cause for concern. Fortunately, leaking does not necessarily mean an expensive  washing machine repair  bill. Many causes of leaks are easy to detect and relatively inexpensive to repair. If you noticed water under or around your washing machine, one of these three common problems may be the culprit: Hoses Washing machines use standard threaded hoses to connect to hot and cold water lines. These generally do not require more than hand-tightening to create a waterproof seal. Over time, the hoses loosen, often as a result of repeated spin cycles and other...
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