Range / Stove Repair - Signs that your range/stove is crying for help


Your friends and family love your cooking and cannot wait for the big dinner tonight. However, when you go to put your famous pot roast in the oven, you realize that it didn't pre-heat. Now, what? Unfortunately, appliances occasionally need repair and service even when you have 10 people coming for dinner. Try to avoid disasters like this in the future by becoming familiar with warning signs that your range / stove is in need of repairs.

Oven not heating

Trying to use the oven but nothing is happening? If your electric stove is getting efficient electricity but is not heating up, there is a good chance that there is a problem with the heating element. Is the bake element glowing red when you pre-heat the oven? If not, you may need a new element. Gas stove not heating up? Chances are your igniter has gotten weak and lost its resistance. Igniters are responsible for opening safety valves in your oven, as well as, heating up enough to light the gas. When igniters aren't working properly your stove probably will not heat up.  

Burners not heating

Have you turned on a pot of water to boil but come back a few minutes later and the burner isn't hot? Sometimes with an electric coil burner, this can just mean that the coil element is not properly plugged into the stove itself. With a flat top electric burner not heating, you may have issues with a surface element switch. However, if none of the burners are heating, it could be the surface element board. Gas stove burners that won't light could be due to the ignitor itself or wires connected to the ignitor

Food is not cooking/baking/broiling evenly

Noticing that the top of your casserole is burned and the bottom isn't cooked? If things start coming out of the oven cooked unevenly, you may have problems with your bake element or broil element. If the bake element isn't working, most of the heat will come from above, just as if the broil element isn't working, most of the heat will come from below. There's also the chance that your oven is not calibrated properly or an issue with the temperature sensor that is preventing your yummy food from coming out perfectly. 

Oven is not self-cleaning

Self-cleaning ovens are wonderful and can prevent using a lot of elbow grease. What's wrong when it stops working? In order for the self-cleaning feature to work properly, a door lock motor activates a door lock switch to keep the door locked. If something is wrong with that switch or motor, your oven will not self-clean. If the door lock is working just fine, it may be an issue with the thermostat not heating to the proper temperature for cleaning. 

Is your range or stove sending out any of these cries for help? They sound daunting but left to the experts you can be back to cooking in no time! Whether your range or stove is a Maytag, Bosch, Jenn-Air, or more contact us today and let us get your range or stove repaired.

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