Congratulations! You've Found the Best Freezer Repair Technicians in Austin, Texas

Welcome to over 20 years of customer satisfied appliance repair service. Welcome to ABA Appliance Repair where you will find skillful and professional freezer repair technicians. Our customer service is second to no one so we have a well-founded reputation to uphold. Well, that's enough about us; what about you? We assume you are reading this because you are having issues with your freezer. The following comments describe a few common problems related to the various issues consumers have with a malfunctioning freezer. 

If the freezer is not running at all then there is a problem with the power source. We would want to look for such things as a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker, test the power outlet for voltage, and inspect the power cord for damage. If you are using an extension cord to connect your freezer to a power source, we would want to eliminate that connection. 

If the freezer door does not close completely, it is leaking money. The door seal needs replacing. Another symptom of a freezer leaking cold air into the kitchen is frost build-up. This could also mean there is a problem with the self-defrost mechanism. Self-defrost systems are designed to shut off the compressor for a short period of time to warm up the inside of the freezer just long enough to prevent frost build-up. 

If the freezer is noisy this could indicate a broken motor or compressor. It could be something as simple as replacing one of the fans. We would need to perform an analysis to determine what course of action we should take.

If the freezer does not freeze, this could indicate any number of problems. It could be something as simple as the temperature setting, air flow (is your freezer stuffed to the brim?), or the condenser or evaporator coils. Wiring may need to be tested for continuity. It could be the defrost timer or the cold control. When the freezer is not getting cold enough, it becomes tempting to turn the thermostat too high.   

If the freezer won't shut off, we would suspect the thermostat. The thermostat is designed to turn the compressor off when the freezer temperature is lower than the thermostat setting. First, we would ask you to defrost your freezer and if that did not correct the problem, we would need to assess the condenser coils and the door seal.  

ABA Appliance Repair technicians are busy but we promise to respond to your call within 24 hours. When you call us at 512-646-0002, you are greeted by a warm, friendly, real-life person ready to respond to all your freezer and appliance needs. You may also contact us online and set up an appointment for service. 

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