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Whirlpool Ice Maker Repair: Part 1

Have you ever come home from work, thirsty for an ice-cold beverage, open the freezer door, and have an avalanche of ice cubes come falling and tumbling all over you and the kitchen floor? Probably not, but if the ice collection bin did not send a signal to the ice maker that it was full, the ice maker will be happy to continue making ice cubes. Is it time to call someone to  repair the ice maker ? In this article, we will give a brief description of how an ice maker works. In a follow-up article, we will discuss some of...
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Signs That Your Oven May Need Repair

With the holiday season close at hand, this means that there is likely going to be a great deal of cooking, and in particular, baking, in your family’s future. This makes it particularly important that your oven is in proper working order, which may require that you have it serviced and repaired in the coming weeks so that it is working when you need it most. Here are some signs you can look out for that can help you to determine whether you may be in need of oven repair . Your Oven Isn’t Getting Hot Enough Just because your...
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Repairing A Clogged Dishwasher Sprayer Arm

Dishwashers  are naturally prone to a number of distressing problems. One of the most common is a sprayer arm that no longer distributes water correctly. This often leaves dishes streaky and unclean. If you would like to learn more about how to go about resolving this issue, read on. This article will discuss how to find and eliminate problematic sprayer arm clogs. The Basic Idea The sprayer arm is responsible for circulating hot, soapy water inside of your dishwasher. A pump sends this water into the sprayer and pushes it out through a series of holes along the sprayer arm....
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Signs You're in Need of Cooktop Repair

The cooktop stove offers us a simpler way to cook our food, it is difficult to imagine a world in which we have to cook our food over open flames as we once needed to. But if your cooktop unit is malfunctioning, it could be dangerous for your meals and could even endanger those using the unit. This is why it is so important never to ignore the possibility that you need  cooktop repair , and to reach out to professionals in the case of any malfunctions in your unit. Some common signs you may need cooktop repair include but are not limited to: A...
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When to Consider Microwave Repair vs. a Replacement

At the first sign of trouble, many people choose to discard their old microwave and purchase a new one. You may be surprised to know that microwave repair is more affordable than you think-here are a few occasions when it would be worthwhile to consider. #1. When the turntable is not rotating This could mean that the carousel needs realigned, or that you have a split or worn out turntable drive bushing. Both of these are easy and inexpensive fixes that will have your turntable up and moving in no time. #2. Your oven is not heating food properly A...
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